July 18, 2009

Opening Post

Hey! This is the first post of my new blog, leaf*. I'm gonna show you some stuff that I think is pretty awesome, and most of it will be free or very inexpensive.
So first off, I want to show you this dress I got from Mystic Sky. I found out about a photo contest which I'll be entering, so I went to the store to see which dress I'd use. Most of the dresses are 400-500L, which is pretty expensive, but they're all very high quality. But when I walked in, the brand-new dress that had just been released was sitting in the lucky chair on a wild card with one minute left. You have no idea how fast I clicked sit.
So, I have this gown now, called Arya in white... It's gorgeous. I'm also using the freebie garland they have up at the main store. 
In this picture, I wasn't supposed to have my eyes closed; it was a flop... but then I saw it... and seeing as my SL name is Acapella... and it looks like I'm singing acapella... it's perfect! 
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY - Lucky chair skin
Hair: ((JUNWAVE)) Loose Pony - *H-Nuts*