August 19, 2009

xstreet freebies?!

Yes, xstreetsl freebies! I've found sooo many...
I decided to clean out my inventory and found some pretty nice full perm clothes so I thought I'd share them with you! I put them on xstreet for 1L and therefore very cheap considering you get 13 clothing pieces...
It would be fourteen but the tank top isn't included. It's a lovely subscribo gift from Pididdle! Which I have to say is one of my favorite stores <3!
So here's a picture of the freebies. :D
You can get the set here!
Starlust Panty Raid. Yessss! *punches air*
Here are some I loooove...
From right to left:
=Hoot= : Cutie Pea Panties Pink Stripey
Pididdle : subscribo gift (it came with the tank top)
Hella Jesstures : Boycut Panties Black (they come in pink too)
Too many others to spoil *winks*
Now... here's my absolute favorite.
I love the ruffles on the panties. And the socks are sooo cute. And the lil bow in back is adorable. I love it!
Panty & sock set -> Twosome
High rise tank top -> !Ohmai (free weekly gift)
Go get yer panties! :D

August 17, 2009


I sure do love freebies. And this post is kinda blank. But here, go to the last page of the Free Stuff... you'll be surprised at what'll you find. *winks*
Come on. You know you wanna buy stuff, too. Check the Populars too... I never knew what it had in store for me. I LOVE all of the amazing deals. Stuff for soo cheap. :D

July 28, 2009

Fishy Strawberry!

Yayy!! Fishy Strawberry came out with new free skin!! Wheeee!!
This one is perfect for you tan peoples out there! It's dark and beautiful! Especially since it's summer and we should be tan anyway x3 (It's a DSN gift by the way)
The hot bikini (with tan lines and untied and tied options!) is 0L fr0m Pixeldolls
Close up of the pouty lips... WITH DIMPLES!! EEEEEE!!
Mwah. The amazing skirt complete with 12 (that's right, twelve!) options is 10L from katat0nik,and there are a bunch of other cheapies as well :) 
The plain, simple, and beautiful white tank top is freeeeee from Gigi Couture.
Poses from Pretzel*Poses (free)
Eyes - Glance Eyes Light Grey (come with big and small options) free @ DEN-DOU 
Flats - *Starz* Sunday Flats - Black 200L @*Starz*
Hair - CriCri-gHatfree-french cinnamon (but they give you all colors for freee!! with the option of no flower in the hat) @ CriCri

July 23, 2009

More stoofs!

Kay, so these next four outfits are...adorable :D!
This first one is a gift if you're in the Shopping Cart Disco Readers group from Royal Blue.
Ballet point shoes come in a package with a ballet practice outfit plus white/tintable point shoes at (PixelDolls) with about 16 options (lol) for only 10L! There's a lovely ballerina AO there too for 10L too!
First bikini is the lucky chair prize from SWIM! Ain't it great? I love how the men's trunks are short so you can wear them as shorts x3 The second bikini is bumblebee themed! From(Elate!)... I love it! It comes in a ladybug version, too :D For freeee! Tons of other gifties there too ^_^
Dress!! This amazing dress is a group gift from *ENCEMBLE* for exactly 0L! Isn't it cute? The bikini I'm wearing under it is from SWIM (the one mentioned earlier).
Other stoofs!
Skin - *MY UGLYDOROTHY Group Gift Skin - Fairy's Smile 
Hair - ((JUNWAVE)) Sweet Lady H*Nuts, GlamourousREIA*BLACK*, and Loose Pony H*Nuts
Poses - .:INTRIGUE:. Free Gun Girl Poses (1L) + Sugar Mill Michael Jackson Tribute Poses

July 21, 2009

Happy Fours

You may be thinking, "Hey, it's not the fourth of July!", but this post isn't about that lovely holiday. I've been staying up until about four AM every day on SL. It's kind of sad. But I've gotten to the four hundredth page of freebies on xstreetsl. So, I figured I'd show YOU four gifties!
This adorable dress comes in six (that's right, six!) adorable colors all for 1l! You can get them here.
Tank top and skirt: Encemble free group gift
Flats: Tyranny Designs Nerd F*cker outfit (Slice of Summer hunt gift)
Okay, you might have read about these flats in the Free*Style blog, but I just wanna let you know that I told Sileny about them, therefore I take full credit. Mwuahaaha.
You can get these babies here for an unbelievable steal of 1L! There are a bunch of other great deals by the creator, be sure to check 'em out!
Other stoofs:
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY Lucky Board Skin
Hair: ((JUNWAVE)) Loose Pony - H*Nuts
Poses: Striking Poses - Cute Girl, Cyndie Lauper, and Christy Turlington (many others too!) all 1L