August 19, 2009

xstreet freebies?!

Yes, xstreetsl freebies! I've found sooo many...
I decided to clean out my inventory and found some pretty nice full perm clothes so I thought I'd share them with you! I put them on xstreet for 1L and therefore very cheap considering you get 13 clothing pieces...
It would be fourteen but the tank top isn't included. It's a lovely subscribo gift from Pididdle! Which I have to say is one of my favorite stores <3!
So here's a picture of the freebies. :D
You can get the set here!
Starlust Panty Raid. Yessss! *punches air*
Here are some I loooove...
From right to left:
=Hoot= : Cutie Pea Panties Pink Stripey
Pididdle : subscribo gift (it came with the tank top)
Hella Jesstures : Boycut Panties Black (they come in pink too)
Too many others to spoil *winks*
Now... here's my absolute favorite.
I love the ruffles on the panties. And the socks are sooo cute. And the lil bow in back is adorable. I love it!
Panty & sock set -> Twosome
High rise tank top -> !Ohmai (free weekly gift)
Go get yer panties! :D