July 28, 2009

Fishy Strawberry!

Yayy!! Fishy Strawberry came out with new free skin!! Wheeee!!
This one is perfect for you tan peoples out there! It's dark and beautiful! Especially since it's summer and we should be tan anyway x3 (It's a DSN gift by the way)
The hot bikini (with tan lines and untied and tied options!) is 0L fr0m Pixeldolls
Close up of the pouty lips... WITH DIMPLES!! EEEEEE!!
Mwah. The amazing skirt complete with 12 (that's right, twelve!) options is 10L from katat0nik,and there are a bunch of other cheapies as well :) 
The plain, simple, and beautiful white tank top is freeeeee from Gigi Couture.
Poses from Pretzel*Poses (free)
Eyes - Glance Eyes Light Grey (come with big and small options) free @ DEN-DOU 
Flats - *Starz* Sunday Flats - Black 200L @*Starz*
Hair - CriCri-gHatfree-french cinnamon (but they give you all colors for freee!! with the option of no flower in the hat) @ CriCri